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Red Velvet ~ Happiness
(English translated) Sometimes, you gotta be bold! Just rock the world! Boo-yah Lalala lalala lalalala (Happiness) Lalala lalala lalalala (Are you happy? Uh) Worries Go Up Feeling down, Change up Trying to cheer up, Wind up Great things will happen all at once, straight up Every day, I’m more style up Focusing on things that will make my feelings go up Want me to share my secret to happiness? In the morning, I wake up And I tell my mom I love her (Ah, my sweet daughter) The happy feelings that follow me are so cute that I’m happy (She’s talking) Money and power I feel bad for the adults who only chase after that They are truly unhappy The world is filled with happy things and great things That it’s been a while since we stopped caring about Money and power I’m a little different I just do what I want to do If you just worry and become an adult You’ll have regrets Yesterday, today and tomorrow My journal is filled with adventures to find happiness I’m a little different I believe in the power o…

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